Denny Hay

On November 6, 2019, the Fry Road MUD board lost one its valued directors. Denny Hay. Denny was on the board for 6 years and made every effort to be at board meetings even if that meant coming right after a doctor’s appointment, no matter how he felt. Denny believed in making decisions based on what was good for the community and for the district. Denny also advocated for his fellow veterans while on the board. Due to his advocacy, veterans get a 10% discount on District building rentals and the District has a special Veterans tab that has helpful links for veterans assistance.

We will miss Denny!

Tax Exemptions

Kristen Scott of Bob Leared Interests, Inc., the District’s tax assessor, advised the board that it would be appropriate for the District to consider any revisions it wishes to make to the District’s tax exemptions for purposes of the 2018 tax year. After discussion, upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried by four votes with director Hay abstaining, the board adopted the attached Resolution Concerning Exemptions from Taxation, continuing the current 20% homestead exemption and increasing the additional exemption for persons who are over 65 or disabled to $75,000.

Resolution Concerning Exemptions from Taxation (PDF)